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Got Talent?

Well, we want to see it!

Let the children UNLEASH THEIR TALENT!!!!!  We're going to give your children the platform to do just that. They've been practicing for the family. The time has come for them to show, the Brown Like Me Clubhouse community, what persistence and hard works looks like.  This event is open to all children that are considered amateurs. 

When: 1st Saturday of each month

Competition Rules: ✔ 2 min maximum ✔ no cursing ✔ no fire ✔ no weapons ✔ appropriate attire ✔ HAVE FUN 

Cost: $5 per participant; monies will be used to send trophies, gift cards, books, school supplies, or etc to winners

Join the Talented Me" community on Facebook to share and check out the talents of other Clubhouse Kids. 

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