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The Brown Like Me Network is brown children's one-stop-shop for learning, entertainment, and resources.


VISION: Become the world’s largest source of learning, entertainment, and resources for black children


#1: Ensure that brown children are aware of and have access to quality learning, entertainment, and resources by bridging the huge gaps in the content portraying positive reflections of brown people

#2: Provide a quality marketing and promotions platform to support and incent amazing people creating content specifically for black children to continue making more material.

We are committed to identifying and creating content that allows brown children to see people who look like them thriving in different areas of life versus just merely getting by in life. As a parent, it has been disappointing seeing the disparity in educational videos with something as simple as brown hands counting from 1-10 when my daughter was a baby. Likewise, you would not believe how challenging it is to compile a list of 100 movies with black people and children in leading roles. By the end of 2021, Brown Like Me is on a mission to identify current and create new movies, television shows, books, and more with black people cast in leading roles (i.e. superheroes and princesses, doctors, entrepreneurs, etc.).


We have partnered with Hope & Serenity Inc., a nonprofit organization based out of Winston-Salem NC, to raise $250K in funding for two of our major projects by March 15, 2021.


Content, Tools, Resources

Our goal is to build out a scalable and modular website (i.e. marketing platform)  to house tons of content to be accessed by this and future generations (ie. movies, other videos, music, books, photos, and other files). This will also require a skilled team of experts to both oversee and manage such a huge project. Once complete, we will run a strong marketing campaign and speaking tour to get 50,000 children subscribed to the website by year-end. 


Socialization & Engagement

•Pay existing (5) instructors (1099) to host 16+ virtual playdates monthly for 2k children monthly

•Pay instructors to host activities in (4) clubrooms during Saturday  virtual playdates (i.e. educational, games, art, music, etc.) 


Workforce Development

•FREE consulting and training to help 100+ career professionals and entrepreneurs monetize their knowledge and talents on a virtual platform

•FREE resources to assist children with accessing the internet (i.e. 100 computer and info on free/discounted internet) 

Sponsorship Packages
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Our Silver Sponsorship Package

includes (for 1 year): 

  • Logo Ad on our website

  • Logo included in blogs

Donation of:


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Our Gold Sponsorship Package

includes (for 1 year): 

  • Prominent logo on our website

  • Prominent logo in blogs

  • Prominent logo in promotion videos

  • Prominent logo in short films and movies

Donation of:


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Our Platinum Sponsorship Package includes (for 1 year): 

  • Prominent logo on our website

  • Prominent logo included in blogs

  • Prominent logo in promotion videos

  • Prominent logo in short films and movies 

  • Logo included in Brown Like Me Clubhouse Book (Series I)

Donation of:


Our Sponsors

  • Mission on the Move Church
  • Hope & Serenity Inc. 
  • Career Metrics University
  • En-Surge Project Solutions
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